Chris Cuomo Spotted in Ukraine as a “Free Agent”

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Former CNN lead anchor Chris Cuomo is back on the scene, this time reporting from a warzone in Ukraine.

Cuomo, who previously hosted CNN’s flagship show Cuomo Prime Time, was fired late last year. He was caught using CNN’s legal resources to defend his brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo against sexual harassment allegations.

Now Cuomo has reappeared on the news scene, this time rebranding himself as a “free agent”. Instead of his comfy New York City studio, however, Cuomo decided to take his show to a warzone in Eastern Ukraine.

Cuomo appeared in sunglasses and an army helmet. He told his listeners, “We are situated on the side of this building because the artillery has been passing along here on the other side of it and literally they are standing where they are because it’s safe and if they step out they have to worry about something hitting and exploding like that hole right there that is the nature of this war.”

The disgraced former anchor also told his followers on Instagram, “What is happening right now in Ukraine is bad and America should be paying a lot more attention.”

He then described where he was at in the country, adding his own dramatic twist to try and engage the audience, “I went to the eastern front… Outmanned and outgunned we had to hide behind abandoned buildings.”

Chris Cuomo tried to liken the war in Ukraine to the American War for Independence, “Ukrainians sound like Americans 240yrs ago vs the British. They are laying down their lives to keep the freedoms we have here.”

The native New Yorker then stressed the importance of the western world not losing interest in the war, thanking his audience for listening in and informing themselves on the fighting. “The interest here has slowed…the war is only accelerating. I will show you more reason to care…soon. Thank you for the interest,” he said.

Chris is not the only Cuomo mounting a comeback right now. His brother Andrew Cuomo, who resigned as governor after his multiple sexual harassment scandals, has allegedly been strategizing his own path to reenter politics.

The Cuomo family is one of the most powerful and influential families in America. Do you think either of them will be able to return to the limelight again? What do you think of Chris doing on the ground reporting to try and regain his credibility?

Chris Cuomo Spotted in Ukraine as a “Free Agent”

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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