Biden’s DOJ Creates Reproductive Rights Task Force

Vanita Gupta, new head of Biden's Reproductive Task Force
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Ever since June 24 when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, holding that the Constitution of the United States does not provide women the right to an abortion, thus turning the decision of the legality of the procedure back to the states, Biden has been trying to get control of the issue back in the federal government. Even before the final decision was released, Democrats attempted to legislate abortion but were unsuccessful. Now, his administration has announced a new Reproductive Rights Task Force.

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Biden recently signed an Executive Order which attempts to maintain abortion access, and now, his Department of Justice has created a Reproductive Rights Task Force. The goal of the task force is that of “protecting abortion access and enforcing federal laws on reproduction rights[.]”

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The Department of Justice says the new task force “will bring together representatives from several offices in the department, including the civil rights division, the Office of the Solicitor General and U.S. attorney’s offices.”

Department of Justice Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta will chair the new task force, and states that she is “committed to protecting access to reproductive services[.]” She continued, “The Court abandoned 50 years of precedent and took away the constitutional right to abortion, preventing women all over the country from being able to make critical decisions about our bodies, our health, and our futures[.]”

According to The Leadership Conference’s tweet, “the group will ‘monitor and evaluate’ state and local legislation and enforcement that might infringe on a person’s ability to seek reproductive care…”

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So it sounds like the federal government, through this new task force, intends to get in every state’s business and oversee what they are legislating around “reproductive care,” aka abortion. What do you think of this? Should that be allowed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Stacey Warner

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