Kamala Harris Would Beat Ron DeSantis in 2024 According to Poll

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pretty popular amongst Republicans. Some signs point to him being able to beat Donald Trump if the presidential election were held today. Still, it’s difficult to beat an incumbent, and one poll seems to show just that, but for Kamala Harris as president.

A poll from the Harvard University Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) has Harris beating DeSantis in a hypothetical presidential election, 39% to 37% but 23% were undecided, reports Newsweek. The poll was conducted from June 28 to 29 among 1,308 registered voters.

But here’s something that must be considered: Harris’ approval rating. FiveThirtyEight—which takes a weighted average of the polls, “showed 58.1 percent disapprove of Harris compared to 32.1 percent who find her to be favorable,” reported Newsweek in April.

Of course, Joe Biden says he’s running again in 2024. He even got snippy with a reporter recently, who asked him about that, since another poll indicates that 64% of Democrats don’t want him to run. He responded that they may not want him to run but if he does, 92% would vote for him.

According to Gallup, “high satisfaction is not necessary for incumbent presidents to be reelected[.]” There is a threshold, however. Before Donald Trump lost his reelection bid, the only President who had lost a bid for a second term was George H.W. Bush in 1984. They say that “[r]eelected incumbents have won when satisfaction ranged from a low of 33% (for Barack Obama in 2012) to a high of 48% (for Ronald Reagan in 1984).” On June 30, 2020, only 20% of those polled were satisfied with how things were going in the country. Of course, an unprecedented pandemic had just begun a mere three months prior.

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Kamala Harris is not popular and Ron DeSantis is. It’s hard to imagine this country would prefer her over DeSantis, but Democrats would vote for the Devil before they’d vote for a Republican. Why do you think that poll came out the way it did?

Stacey Warner

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