Texas Gov Abbott Talks About Video Of Uvalde School Shooting

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott talks about the video of the Uvalde school shooting
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Just after the school shooting took place in Uvalde, Texas, less than two months ago, Governor Greg Abbott visited the town. He discussed what happened with authorities. “There’s been a lot of things that have been said — some are correct, some are incorrect,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at a news conference one day after the shooting. A few days later, Abbott said he had been “misled” about the police response to the shooting and added, “I am livid.” Let’s see what he says, now that he’s seen the video.

Now, Governor Abbott has had a chance to view the video footage of what transpired that tragic day, like much of the rest of the country. He talked about it recently. “None of the information that was in that video was shared with me that day, and so it was shocking,” Abbott said.

Courtesy of NextNewsNetwork via Youtube.com

He claims that what is on the video “is the exact opposite” of what he was told on the day he went out to Uvalde after the shooting. He said none of the information that’s on the video was shared with him before he spoke about the incident, and it “was shocking.” Just after the shooting happened, Abbott said that “it could have been worse,” for which he has been criticized.

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Abbott called the police response during the shooting “disgusting.” He added, “It’s been clear from the time of Columbine that whenever there is a shooting … you run toward that danger and encounter that danger. You have to eliminate that shooter as quickly as possible. From what I have seen … it looks like that policy was not followed.”

Abbott talked about discussions that were had after the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas four years ago. He said that “[t]he ongoing probes will provide better solutions than the roundtable discussions he held with lawmakers after a 2018 shooting at Santa Fe High School that left 10 dead,” reports the Houston Chronicle. “I thought about doing that again, but candidly, that just slows down the process,” he said.

The Houston Chronicle added that “[t]hose discussions, held less than a month after the shooting in Santa Fe, resulted in a 44-page school safety plan released by Abbott that included mental health screenings and expanded protections for school.”

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Governor Abbott is facing re-election in November, running against Beto O’Rourke. With the recent shooting in Uvalde plus some indication that the power grid in Texas may not hold up under the summer heat, is there a chance O’Rourke could beat him?

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