Texas Weatherman Ironically Loses Power In Midst Of Discussing Heatwave

The weatherman was discussing heatwaves causing potential blackouts when one happened to him.
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An ABC 13 Houston meteorologist named Travis Herzog had a power outage happen during his broadcasts at two different times while in the midst of talking about how the heatwave in Texas could cause rolling blackouts. His videos really make their point.

On Monday, Texas energy board, ERCOT, put out a press release asking people to lower their electricity consumption to avoid rolling blackouts like the one that you’ll see in the next video.

In an incredulous moment, the broadcast was knocked out again during his evening time slot.

Herzog spoke with his team and found out why the problem kept happening. It turns out their studio lights were not on backed up and lost power along with the rest of the area.

“Mystery solved. One of our engineers informed me we went off the grid a little after 3PM. The studio lights aren’t on a dedicated backup power source, so they went off as we switched generator power. Two hours later we went off generator and on the grid and the process repeated.” he said.

In the release from the Texas power authority, it became apparent that green energy was not able to keep up with demand as there are record low winds and record high heat. The low winds have caused them to lose some of their production capacity and the heatwave is driving demand because people are using more air conditioning.

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“Wind generation is currently generating significantly less than what it historically generated in this time period,” ERCOT said in a press release. “Current projections show wind generation coming in less than 10 percent of its capacity.”

ERCOT said to avoid rolling blackouts that consumers should turn up their “thermostat a degree or two , if comfortable, and postponing running major appliances or pool pumps during afternoon peak hours.”

Last year in 2021, a cold snap near Dallas and Houston froze wind turbines and prevented people from being able to heat their homes.

This just goes to show the downside to green energy. When the wind is low, the grid goes down. They now sell backup batteries just for your house. They’re probably not a bad idea considering what we are seeing play out across America now. Could you imagine this happening under Trump? Two years into Biden and we are facing a national energy shortage and they are trying to push us to be all green.

Texas Weatherman Ironically Loses Power In Midst Of Discussing Heatwave

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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