Massive Sinkhole In NYC Swallows Van

Massive sinkhole swallows van in NYC
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While some states have experienced record heat for weeks, with little to no rain, other states have had enough rain to open up giant sinkholes. Let’s see what just happened in the nation’s most populated city.

Storms pushed through New York City on Monday, leading to a giant sinkhole with vehicles hanging on the brink. The Department of Environmental Protection told CBS2 it cannot say definitively if the sinkhole’s formation was weather related, however. Watch as one van crashes into the hole.

The sinkhole happened in Morris Park in the Bronx borough of New York City. It was three car lengths long. In addition to putting some vehicles in peril, it left residents without water for hours, at least.

While it’s not certain that the sinkhole was weather related, the streets and subway system throughout the city certainly experienced flooding from the storms.

According to neighbors in Morris Park who watched the sinkhole swallow Tony Papadodoulos’ parked van, this is the second sinkhole on their block in less than a year. “It happened August 15 and it took them three months for them to fix the work and we didn’t have water. Now, we’re gonna have no water, of course,” Joey Saadah said.

Papadodoulos was stoic about his van, saying “I’m alright. I’m alright. Lose the van. Lose the van. It’s life.”

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It may not have been a weather-related sinkhole, they said. That’s because they know the liberal policies in New York City aren’t working, to prevent sinkholes, or to promptly fix them or get water back on for residents. Why aren’t they spending all those liberal tax dollars to fix the infrastructure?

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