Dave Chappelle Blasts Woke Venue Who Cancelled Him

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Legendary comedian Dave Chappelle attacked a theater venue that canceled a scheduled performance by the comedian to appease a woke mob.

Chappelle’s show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota was shut down hours before opening time after a small mob of angry transgender protesters showed up to try and cancel the comedian.

The venue capitulated to the demands of the mob, despite selling out the show at $129.50+ per ticket to more than 1500 dedicated fans. First Avenue referenced a petition on Change.org that had been signed by a mere 125 people complaining that Dave Chappelle is transphobic.

Chappelle’s team acted quickly and managed to move the show to the Varsity Theater, where the comedian proceeded to blast the woke mob and the cowardly venue for bowing to the pressure, saying he wish they showed “courage” instead.

Despite phones not being allowed to film in the new location, Chappelle reportedly joked “I can see a transgender hit squad from a mile off!” to huge cheers from the crowd, also calling the angry mob a “small group of transgender lunatics”.

According to the Star Tribune’s TV critic, Dave Chappelle also joked to the audience that he believed the mob was “probably hired by his wife, determined to suck the joy out of his life.”

The organization behind the protest, MN Uprising, celebrated their “win” over Chappelle on Twitter. Their celebratory tweet chain was heavily laden with curse words as well as frequent referring to their members and supporters as “comrades”, a term popularized by Soviet Communists.

Dave Chappelle found himself at odds with the transgender community following the release of his hit standup comedy special “The Closer” on Netflix. Many woke activists have since tried to see Chappelle’s shows shuttered and his career ended, to little or no avail.

While this is one of the first real cancellations the comedian has received as a result of his jokes, earlier this year a crazed knife-wielding man tackled Chappelle on stage during the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. He was subdued by a mix of other celebrities and security.

Many comedians have recently spoken out about the danger cancel culture poses to both comedy and creativity as a whole. Are you glad that Dave Chappelle is willing to stand up to these woke street gangs or should he tone down his rhetoric?

Dave Chappelle Blasts Woke Venue Who Cancelled Him

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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