Next News Network Exclusive Interview With Jack Posobiec at SAS

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Jack Posobiec is an American conservative, political activist, television correspondent and presenter. After leaving One America News Network (OANN) in 2021 where he was a political correspondent and on-air presenter, he began hosting Turning Point USA and joined conservative news site Human Events as a Senior Editor. Next News Network’s Aldo Buttazzoni got a chance to talk with Posobiec at TPUSA’s Student Action Summit.

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The first thing Buttazzoni asked Posobiec was what his pronouns are so as not to offend him, to which Posobiec responded “my pronouns are po-lish.” Getting that out of the way, the interview continued.

Buttazzoni then asked what Posobiec thinks are the issues that the GOP should be focusing on. He says the party needs to let people know that the issues they have are important. Right now, he says, it’s energy prices/the price of gas and inflation. Crime is high on the list too, he says. Republicans need to put a stop to the liberal reforms in the criminal justice system. He uses as an example the recent attack on Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin who was giving a speech on bail reform while his attacker was being let out of jail on his own recognizance. He said “our cities have become shooting galleries” and this needs to stop.

Posobiec also thinks Republicans need to address how our military men and women who refused to get vaccinated were treated by our government. He says these men and women swore an oath to defend our country but were “kicked out like trash” after refusing the government’s order. He said the only person who’s talked about this has been Donald Trump, and he thinks they all should be reinstated and given back pay.

Then Buttazzini for Next News Network asked Posobiec for his thought on the recent conviction of Steve Bannon for contempt for ignoring the January 6 committee’s subpoena. Posobiec referred to Bannon’s trial as a “show trial” where everything was set up for the prosecution to win. Plus, he says, if your name is Steve Bannon or Donald Trump or Jack Posobiec and you go into D.C. “you’re not gonna get a fair trial” because of the makeup of the jury pool. Posobiec says that Republicans at the congressional level could fix that problem so that Republicans don’t get caught up in the next set of show trials because of a 90% Democrat jury pool.

Posobiec next says we need oversight. He says Congress needs “to turn every committee into an oversight committee.” That way, they can open up investigations into everything which, he says, will be the power of the Republicans since there are still two more years until the presidential election.

Lastly, Buttazzoni asked Posobiec about Hunter Biden. Specifically, how should the GOP hold the Biden family accountable? He says they need to set up an investigation and go through everything line by line. “I’ve got 3 copies of the [Hunter Biden laptop] hard drive,” he said, and there are 30 times where Hunter Biden went overseas and participated in foreign business deals, then returned and had a meeting with his father. He says Republicans need to go through the data from the iCloud leak and the laptop and piece it all together. “These are actual crimes,” he says, where we can see “the selling out of our own government to foreign interests.” Hunter Biden has acted as the “bag man” for the Biden crime family, in the selling of political influence to foreign countries.

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Posobiec finished by giving a shout-out to Next News Network saying “Hey Next News, doing great work, always at the scene, always at the cutting edge.” Thanks, Mr. Posobiec!

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