Next News Network Exclusive Interview With MTG at SAS

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Democrats do their best to portray Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, aka MTG, as a vile moron. Any chance they get they put out clips of her to paint her in the worst light. They most likely do this because she scares them, with her willingness and courage to tell things like they are. We had the chance to interview Representative Greene at TPUSA’s Student Action Summit and it was great!

Next News Network’s Tayler Hansen got the opportunity to sit down with Marjorie Taylor Greene outside SAS. Hansen asked her what she thinks the primary focus of the GOP is going into 2022. She said there are a lot of things that Republicans should focus on, but they primarily need to focus on the people, their voters, and not the lobbyists, donors or corporate PACS. She says that’s not who they represent. She also says that Republicans should be the party of Christian nationalists. Greene says that Republicans just need to represent Americans and that most Americans, no matter how they vote, really care about the same things.

Then Hansen asked Greene this question: as a woman in Congress, how do you feel about having more balls than the majority of Congressmen currently sitting in the seats. Greene laughed, saying “you know, I’m a two-gender person, and I don’t really have any balls….” She said “I am a woman” and that everyone needs “to have courage” and “just do the right thing.” She said God is who inspires her. She thinks we all have a job to do and that means “we do it to our fullest and do it the best we possibly can, every single day.”

Hansen next brought up the issue of the child drag shows that have been cropping up across the country. She thanked Next News Network for what we are doing, to bring those to the surface. She said this shows that “we have a severe sickness in America” and that we “really do have a war of good vs evil or evil vs good.” She said she’s seen Next News Network’s videos and she has shared some of them, and that it’s just “disgusting.” She added that if we don’t stop this now, what in the world will this country be allowing five or ten years from now. We need to “unapologetically say no” and that it “should be illegal.” “Children don’t belong in strip clubs, children don’t belong in drag queen shows, period,” she added. No nonsense as ever, Greene says drag queens and strippers should never be in schools, and that schools should be for kids to learn history, math, science, English…the normal stuff.” Hansen jokingly tells her she “better be careful, because that’s a pretty controversial thing to say,” to which Greene asks “how did we get here?”

For Hansen’s final question, he asked Greene if she thinks there will be accountability for the January 6th Committee. She responded that “there better be accountability.” She does think there will be accountability and that “it needs to be severe.” She thinks what they’ve been doing should never have been allowed to happen, and that the committee is abusing its congressional power. She calls it “political persecution” and reminds us that there are people who are still locked up that don’t have a voice, who have lost their marriages, their jobs, and even some who have turned to suicide.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene finished up by telling Next News Network viewers to keep following Taylor Hansen and all of Next News, because “you’re hearing the truth and seeing the truth.” Thank you, Congresswoman Greene!

Stacey Warner

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