Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden Admin Acts Like “Political Hit Squad” Against Bannon But Turns Blind Eye to Allies

Tulsi Gabbard
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Tulsi Gabbard ran for President of the United States in 2020 as a Democrat. Ever since, however, she has sounded a lot like a Republican. At a minimum, she is not afraid to call her party and her former primary opponent, Joe Biden, for what they are.

While not defending Steve Bannon for ignoring the January 6 committee, she took to Twitter after he was found guilty of two counts of contempt, to put the Biden administration on blast for their hypocrisy: “Whatever you think of Bannon, the fact he was charged with contempt of Congress, but Clapper, Brennan & others who lied to Congress have never been charged, shows how the Biden admin / elite have shamelessly weaponized law enforcement into a political hit squad.”

Gabbard has also said this about the power elite in her party: “You look throughout history, just about every single dictator who does whatever they feel they need to do, they feel like their cause is just, and so when we have people in positions of power — yes, in government, but in other sectors of our society as well, who feel like they need to do all they can to save the country, to save the people, and yet they are defying our Constitution and undermining our democracy and ruining our country in the process. This is what we need to protect ourselves and our country and our future from.”

In Gabbard’s recent tweet she referenced former US Director of Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan. In 2013, they were accused of lying to Congress “when they denied the NSA has a database that collects ‘any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.'” Edward Snowden proved otherwise. And many know what happened to him.

Nothing, however, ever happened to Clapper and Brennan. Clapper admitted to giving a “clearly erroneous” response to Congress after he was outed by Snowden. Brennan blamed the media for “mischaracterizations” of his statements. But the Dems still did nothing to them.

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This is exactly what political hit squads do: go after people in the other party for wrong-doing, but not their own. They are the ultimate hypocrites, acting all holier than thou against those whose politics they disagree with, yet letting their own get away with murder, in this sense, against democracy. Should Bannon have been tried? Should Clapper and Brennan have been tried?

Stacey Warner

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