Against Judge’s Recommendation, Ghislaine Maxwell Sent to Low-Security Prison

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Some people get all the luck. Ghislaine Maxwell figured out a way to live a very swanky lifestyle for most of her life, even though it involved sex trafficking for Jeffery Epstein. Now, even though she was convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison, she somehow gets to live it out in one of the swankiest of prisons.

Against the recommendation of Judge Alison Nathan, Ghislaine Maxwell is being sent to FCI Tallahassee, a low-security federal prison in Florida to serve out her 20-year sentence. Judge Nathan recommended that Maxwell serve her sentence at FCI Danbury in Connecticut, after seeing the evidence against her during her trial for recruiting and trafficking underage girls to pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

The Board of Prisons get the final decision on where an inmate is placed, and they did not take Judge Nathan’s recommendation. Instead, they are sending her to a low-security prison near where she committed her crimes. At FCI Tallahassee she can take part in talent shows, teach fellow inmates yoga, do pilates or learn a trade like baking, plumbing or cosmetology.

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Some have referred to the FCI Tallahassee as “club fed,” due to all the extracurricular activities it offers. The prison houses 821 female inmates, sentenced and charged with Federal Crimes in U.S. District Court convicted mainly of Narcotics, Embezzlement; Bank, Wire, Insurance, Mail, Mortgage, Loan, Tax and Securities Fraud.

Maxwell has been held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since her arrest two years ago. She has complained, through her lawyers, of deplorable conditions there, accusing “prison authorities of breaching her rights by shining a torch in her cell every 15 minutes and subject[ing] her to invasive searches while filming her at all hours, reports the Daily Mail.

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It’s pretty hard to feel sorry for Maxwell, for the things she complained about while incarcerated in Brooklyn. When you commit heinous crimes, you can’t expect to be treated like royalty when you finally get locked up. Should she be allowed to serve her sentence at a low-security facility, especially after she evaded arrest for quite a while? Do you think she will try to escape?

Stacey Warner

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