Great White Shark Attacks Dive Cage Just Missing Diver

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Many of us have seen the Jaws movies and they are terrifying. And there have been quite a few shark attacks at various beaches this year. One man, a diver, got really lucky recently when one attacked him and he lived to tell the story.

Expert diver Jimi Partington was inside a small opaque protective diving cage in the Pacific Ocean recently when a sixteen-foot great white shark attacked the cage. The attack caused the cage he was in to capsize, leaving Partington to ultimately have to swim for his life.

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The entire thing was caught with underwater cameras and by a drone. You can see the gigantic shark swim back and forth under and around him, as fish swim nearby. You hear Partington say that the shark had already bumped the cage, and “that it seemed pretty deliberate,” when the shark attacks the cage exactly like something out of Jaws.

 The shark “clamps its huge jaw around the box, and appears to both break it open and cause it to capsize,” reports the Daily Mail. Partington was tipped into the water and tried to get back into the cage. When he was not able to do that, he swam as fast as he could to the boat. And he made it.

The whole thing was captured for a film called “Great White Open Ocean” and was posted online for Discovery’s Shark Week. The film’s director and producer Jeff Kurr said “We were able to capture this encounter on film, and it’s probably the most spectacular sequence in Shark Week history. It’s also miraculous because when Jimi was hit by the shark, he didn’t get a scratch on him. He actually had to swim for his life back to the boat, but he was fine.”

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Wow! That footage is absolutely amazing and terrifying all at the same time! That shark was huge! Are you surprised that he didn’t receive a scratch, much less was he killed?

Stacey Warner

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