Rachel Maddow Attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene After Next News Interview

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On Tuesday night, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene retorted back at Rachel Maddow after she “smear[ed] me with lies about my faith” and “love for America.” The MSNBC host had compared her to 1950s politician Gerald L.K. Smith in a segment.

Greene said Rachel Maddow was part of the “godless lying left” after she said in a Next News interview that she was a “Christian nationalist.” Here’s the interview in question done by our very own Tayler Hansen. During the interview, they dove into such topics as God, Child Drag Shows, January 6th and the lack of courage found in today’s GOP.

Marjorie said that she is a Christian and she believes that America should be the party of Christian nationalists during the interview.

Maddow clipped the interview and used it to say that Greene was a racist. Her statements occur in the first several minutes of her segment. Watch.


She pulled a speech by Gerald L.K. Smith on Christian nationalism where he says, “The motive behind the term Christian nationalist is easy to define and simple to interpret. We believe that the destiny of America in relationship to its governing authority must be kept in the hands of their own people. We must never be governed by aliens. We must keep control of our own money and our own blood. In other words, we must remain true to the Declaration of Independence. That is Nationalism. We believe that the spiritual symbol of statesmanship is the Cross, which indeed is the symbol of Christianity.”

The MSNBC host then played a clip from Smith in which he claimed there were “subversive forces” trying to “mongrelize our race” and “enslave the White man.” She compared the politicians statements from 70 years ago to Greene’s statements today to try and smear her. Green responded in kind and called Maddow “pitiful.”

Rachel Maddow is smearing me with lies about my faith and love for America and trying to connect me to someone I’ve never heard of or know anything about. In reality, being a Christian means I acknowledge I’m a sinner and my savior is a Jewish man named Jesus who I believe is the son of God. I also believe God’s word in the Bible, which is about the people of Israel and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible is filled with amazing and miraculous history, and I love it.”

She continued, “The godless lying left has been lying about me from day one and calling me anti-semitic, racist, fascist, and even a Nazi, which are all absolutely disgusting lies about me. But their problem is that most people see through their lies bc their empty words don’t match the truth. Yes I’m a Christian. I’m not perfect, I’m a sinner, and I know I can’t ever be perfect enough to go to heaven based on my acts alone. I need a savior and his name is Jesus. Jesus says to love God and love people. I’m also elected by Americans in Georgia’s 14th district to serve as their Representative in Congress. I love my country and I’m grateful to serve the people who elected me, who are American citizens like me.”

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This is just another attack by the radical left and their stewards in the left-wing media smear politicians that are proudly Christian and love this country. Greene has never said anything close to what L.K. Smith has said beside the word Christian nationalist and this sort of comparison is just nothing but the crooked media’s attempt to continue to smear Americans that love this country. Do you think that Greene is a racist like Maddow is implying? We sure don’t.

Rachel Maddow Attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene After Next News Interview

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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