Bill Clinton Video Proves Biden Lied About Recession

Bill Clinton and Joe Biden
Bill Clinton and Joe Biden
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An unearthed video of former President Bill Clinton proves that Joe Biden and the Democrat party have been lying about the recession to confuse voters.

The clip from December 19, 2000 shows the former president discussing the issue of inflation with incoming President George W Bush while also defending Bush’s stewardship of the US economy from liberal reporters.

In the video, Clinton explains what a recession is, defining it as “two quarters in a row of negative growth.

Clinton then goes on to defend Bush’s term after seeing a booming economy under his own leadership, telling the reporters in the room, “I think there will be things to be managed and there’ll still be economic challenges, and y’all give to give him a chance to meet them and not figure it all out in advance.”

The statement by Clinton is in stark contrast to those made by Joe Biden and his administration, who last week tried to redefine the word “Recession”. The move from the White House came just days before the US quarterly economic report showed that GDP had negative growth for the 2nd quarter in a row, officially marking a recession.

Biden and his allies, on the other hand, have insisted that the decades old standard for the term no longer applies in the modern market, pointing to a strong job market and wage growth to back up their claims.

What they did not acknowledge is that wage growth has only increased to try and keep up with record high inflation under Biden, with the value of the average American’s wage actually dropping. Many Americans have also been forced to take on two and even three jobs to try and cover for the difference in income, a result of Biden’s economic policy as well as his push to make the US more reliant on foreign energy production.

Joe Biden may think the American people are dumb enough to fall for his clear gaslighting on the economy, but it will be hard for him to combat history, especially when the definition was pushed by his own party. Do you think the US economy is in a recession? Does Biden have any plans to actually solve this crisis?

Bill Clinton Video Proves Biden Lied About Recession

Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey is a social commentator and writer at the Next News Network. He graduated from Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts and was adopted from Africa. He is proof of the American dream and learned conservative values at a young age.
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