UK’s Tavistock Gender Clinic Closing, Was Treating Children As Young As 9

Nurse Sue Evans, a whistleblower
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It’s fairly common knowledge that the human brain continues to develop and change until the age of 25. We make children wait until they are 18 to no longer be under their parent’s care. You can’t join the military or buy cigarettes until the age of 18 and you can’t purchase alcohol until the age of 21. There’s good reason for all of that, so why in the world would anyone allow a child to make life-altering decisions about their gender before the age of 18?

The National Health Service (NHS) recently announced that it would be closing down the controversial Tavistock gender clinic for endangering children. The announcement came after “[w]histleblowers alleged that girls were deemed to be trans on such flimsy pretexts as not liking ‘pink ribbons and dollies,’ with a former governor of the trust, Dr. David Bell, warning that there was ‘virtually no psychological scrutiny at all’ before children were shunted onto a pathway towards life-altering medication and surgery by some physicians,” reports Breitbart.


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One of the whistleblowers, Dr. David Bell, claimed that at least one child was allowed to receive life-altering puberty blockers after only one consultation. Dr. Bell said the standard for doing this needs to be “very, very, very, very much higher. It may be possible, in one or two cases, that it has to be done, but the way they’ve been used is totally inappropriate.”

Dr. Bell continued, “These were kids who said I’m a girl or I’m a boy and they were affirmed. They took the drugs and they went to opposite sex hormones and they had parts of their body removed, their breasts, their vaginas. Now, as one girl put it to me, ‘I don’t have the body of a man, I’ve got the body of a mutilated woman and that’s what I have to live with’.”

Another whistleblower, Susan Evans who is a nurse said, “The treatment pathway of children with gender dysphoria [was] bec[oming] ever more politicised, and mov[ing] away from high standards of clinical mental healthcare with good assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment.”

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The subject of gender identity and transformation has become politicized in the United States, just like it has in the UK. In some circles, saying anything that isn’t supportive of people becoming “trans” at whatever age is forbidden. Children have no business making such life-altering decisions and it’s good that people at the Tavistock Clinic started speaking out. At what age do you think people should be allowed to medically transition their gender?

Stacey Warner

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