Kansas Voters Voted To Protect Abortion Rights In First Election About the Issue

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Kansas is known to be a conservative state. Yet on Tuesday, voters sided with choice over life. If they voted “no” they were choosing to continue to allow abortion access. It makes one wonder if everyone understood their vote.

The Kansas City Star reports:

In the first ballot test of abortion rights in a post-Roe America, Kansas voters turned out in historic numbers to overwhelmingly reject a constitutional amendment that would have opened the door for state lawmakers to further restrict or ban abortions across the state.

The right to an abortion will remain in the Kansas Constitution.

The vote stands as a major win for abortion rights advocates, preserving access in a red state as the procedure is banned or severely restricted in much of the region. It wasn’t just urban counties, like Democratic-leaning Wyandotte County, that turned out to protect abortion rights. Rural counties like Osage, Franklin and Lyon also voted “no” by significant margins.

Kansas is a conservative state with 350,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats. And yet they voted to allow abortion to continue at some level. Does this surprise you? How would you have voted?

Stacey Warner

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