3 Killed In Stabbing At a Chinese Kindergarten

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A man with a knife has wrought havoc at a Kindergarten in China, where guns are illegal. Three people were killed and many more injured. He didn’t have a gun.

CBS News reports:

Three people were killed and six others wounded in a knife attack Wednesday at a kindergarten in southeast China’s Jiangxi province.

A “gangster wearing a cap and mask” stormed [a] private kindergarten in Anfu county at about 10:00 am local time (0200 GMT), police said in a statement published on China’s Twitter-like Weibo. The 48-year-old suspect is still at large, they added.

Mass violent crime is rare in China, but there has been a spate of mass stabbings in recent years.

China does not allow private gun ownership, so most such attacks are carried out with knives, homemade explosives or gasoline bombs. Around 100 children and adults have been killed and hundreds injured over the past decade in apparently uncoordinated, “lone wolf” attacks in which the motive was unclear and the overwhelmingly male assailants were either killed, ended their lives or were put on trial and executed.

Liberals want us to think that mass violent attacks only happen in America and it’s because of the guns. The fact is, they can happen anywhere, and if guns are illegal, the perpetrators will find other ways to do it. If America got rid of guns, would that stop the killings?

Stacey Warner

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