J6 FAIL! Every Committee Member Will CRY After Learning How America Really Feels About Their Circus

J6 FAIL! Every Committee Member Will CRY After Learning How America Really Feels About Their Circus
J6 FAIL! Every Committee Member Will CRY After Learning How America Really Feels About Their Circus
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Democrats have been doing everything they can to draw Americans’ attention to what they said proved former President Donald Trump was directly responsible for what happened in 2021. They even went as far as to hold some of the hearings during primetime hours. A new poll shows that the return on these efforts has been less than successful. 

The January 6 hearings could finally be coming to an end and the committee isn’t going to like what this new poll shows. 

 According to TownHall, a new Monmouth University poll indicates most of the committee’s efforts failed to persuade skeptical Americans.


“In general, public opinion stands pretty much the same as it was before recent headline-grabbing testimony of former presidential aides during the last three public hearings….Trump’s favorability rating is nearly identical to where it stood immediately after the 2020 election, and 4 in 10 Americans would lean toward backing a comeback bid in 2024.”

The Monmouth University poll found. The number of Americans who say Trump was responsible went down following the hearings, from 42 percent to 38 percent.

Having Cassidy Hutchinson as a star witness in the hearings severely damaged their credibility when her most outlandish claims were challenged and Hutchinson said the hearings were witch hunts.

 Hutchison could have been a major reason for these polls number as she testified on multiple occasions,

 According to the Hill, In the sixth of eight hearings held by the committee in recent weeks, Hutchinson testified, providing a trickle of details to tie Trump to the Capitol attack, including testimony from Trump’s family and inner circle members.

As a result of those hearings, 32 percent of respondents said Trump did nothing wrong regarding Jan. 6, compared to 30 percent in June. Trump is viewed as directly responsible by only 5 percent of Republicans.

According to Patrick Murray, director of Monmouth University Polling Institute, “The sensational revelations during the hearings do not seem to have moved the public opinion needle on Trump’s culpability for either the riot or his spurious election fraud claims,” 


He added. “This continues to give political cover to Republican leaders who avoid addressing the damage done to our democratic processes that day,” 


In the meantime, Trump has stumped for his endorsed candidates all over the country. The Trump-backed candidates have seen mixed success, but the former president has won a series of primary elections, including last week’s win in Arizona by Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

It seems that the Democrats’ attempt to slander Trump has backfired! They poured time, energy and resources into this show trial and have nothing to show for it. Worse yet is that the American people now see how much of a fraud these people are, and it’s sure to show in the upcoming election. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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