LIBERAL LUNACY: Stacey Abrams Has The Audacity To Invoke God while Talking About Aborting Babies

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Just when you thought Stacy Abrams couldn’t get any more ridiculous, she went and opened her mouth on Abortion. The Georgia Democrat gubernatorial nominee sat down with Yahoo when the issue of abortion came up and she invoked god. Wait until you see what she said.

Stacy Abrams claims to be a Christian but you’ll rethink that once you see what she said.

As TownHall reports, National Republicans drew attention to an interview with Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams in which she claimed her abortion support was a matter of faith.  I would imagine such framing is profoundly off-putting to many Christians, but that wasn’t the only problem with her answer.

  Here’s the clip:

It is not uncommon for activists to portray abortion as healthcare, plain and simple, as Abrams does here. In general, however, basic, black-and-white ‘healthcare’ doesn’t involve the deliberate termination of human lives.  Regardless of whether one supports legal abortion, one should recognize that it is a moral and ethical matter distinct from routine care and procedures.

 Stacey Abrams is just like the rest of the democrats – radical and far left leaning. Her stance on abortion prove this and show that she is not the Christian she claims to be. Hopefully the voters of Georgia see her for what she is and keep that clown out of office.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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