Maybe Granholm Should Have Looked At This KBB Report Before Pushing EVs to Broke  Americans

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The Democrats’ obsessive push for Americans to buy electric vehicles and go “all green” comes at one of the worst times as the country suffers from the result of terrible economic policies put in place by the Biden administration. However, as Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is touring the country trying to woo us into buying electric vehicles and going green, a new report by Kelly Blue Book tells the cold hard truth about EVs. You don’t want to miss this report. 

Secretary Jennifer Granholm visited Portland, Oregon this week to meet with elected officials and tour several “clean energy hubs” in the state. 

While making her pitch about pursuing green energy, Granholm acknowledged the high gas prices we’re seeing around the country, and instead of offering any reasonable or helpful solution, she instead told the crowd to buy electric vehicles instead.


Well, according to Kelly Blue Book, the average electric vehicle price in the United States hit $66,000 last month – a more than 13% increase year over year.  KElly Blue Book notes that the average price of $66,000 is “well above the industry average and more aligned with luxury prices versus mainstream prices.”

And, on top of that, the 40-year-high inflation is only making the prices of electric vehicles increase. 

But the Biden administration somehow magically expects every American to go out right now and buy an electric vehicle. 

During her trip to Oregon, Granholm also yelled about electrifying “all aspects of transportation” in Biden’s pursuit of green energy mandates.



And finally, Granholm called on Americans to be “suited up for battle” on green energy. 

(Full video link here)

 It’s insulting what the Biden administration expects us to do to battle climate change. As if Americans don’t have enough on their plates right now with 40-year-high inflation, supply chain issues, falling wages, illegal immigrants flooding our southern, and countless other issues.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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