Woke Students Run For The Cry Closet After Professor BLINDSIDES Them in CRUSHING Speech

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In this story, you’re going to see something that will surprise you. A college art professor decided to speak candidly about the issue of using the correct pronouns for people. Her speech was pretty shocking considering how many colleges in the country have gone woke.

According to reports cited by The Daily Wire, an art professor went off on anyone who dared to correct her pronoun usage, essentially telling her haters to “go take a hike!”

The College Fix shared video of her rant with the caption, “Art school professor delivers epic rant against pronoun policing.”

As noted by the Daily Wire, some people want their gendered pronouns to reflect their gender identities and request certain pronouns, but some have taken things a bit further and adopted common nouns as their pronouns.

For example, “Libs of TikTok” recently shared a video of a person who recently announced the adoption of new pronouns “bee” and “fairy,” and asked that people use them exactly as they would use “they/them” pronouns.

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