CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin quits his job to make more time with himself

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin quits his job to make more time with himself
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CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin just announced that he is quitting his job, so it looks like he’ll have more time on his hands for himself.

The zoom call flasher is finally leaving CNN. This probably should have happened years ago, after his little incident.

Daily wire writes. After working for the network for 20 years, Toobin announced his decision to leave. In 2020, Toobin was fired from the New Yorker and took a leave of absence from CNN after exposing himself during a Zoom video conference. Later, Toobin was welcomed back to the network. Toobin announced the news in a letter to colleagues on Friday. Toobin said in the letter,  “I wanted to let you know that after twenty years I’ve decided to leave CNN after my vacation,” 

Had any conservative exposed himself in such a manner that Toobin had done, there would be no apology tour. 

NyPost states. The October 2020 Zoom call in which Toobin pleasured himself marked the end of his 27-year career at the New Yorker. After a three-week investigation, Conde Nast fired Toobin, but he returned to CNN in July 2021 after a leave of absence. Toobin called the controversy “deeply moronic” after returning to CNN. 

The left’s double standards are ridiculous. If a Fox host had done the same thing, they would have been strapped to a rocket ship to the sun and left there.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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