TRUTH Finally Comes out After AMERICAN FEDERATION of TEACHERS Comes Clean

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The American Federation of teachers has finally admitted that there is a problem with the learning that the students suffered during the pandemic. 

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Many of us are parents and we know that during the pandemic and from remote learning our children did not receive adequate education. The Proof was everywhere from failing test grades, to having to take remedial classes. Even National test scores plummeted after the remote learning debacle. 

The Daily Caller writes. As a result of school closure policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten admitted in an interview Wednesday that children were negatively affected by them. During her Yahoo Finance Live interview, Weingarten was supposed to discuss factors contributing to teacher shortages across the country. The AFT President instead let slip that her own policies hurt kids, not helped them.

Not only has Randi Weingarten worked to keep children out of school, she worked tirelessly to keep schools shut down.

Fox news reports. In one of the most infamous incidents of the past year, Ted Cruz pointed out that the two largest teacher unions in the country, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, corresponded with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before the CDC released new guidelines for school reopenings. As shown in the emails, the unions offered suggestions to the CDC on how to reopen in-person classrooms. In the final CDC document, the unions’ suggestions were used almost word-for-word in more than one instance.  

Lets see Ted Cruz’s comments. (watch here)

It doesn’t come as any surprise to know that Randi Weingarten, President of one of the largest teacher unions in the entire country, worked to keep children out of school. Then additionally once they were out of school Weingarten continued to make sure that schools remained closed. But now, the truth is out in the open. She openly admitted that what she did, hurt children. There is no escaping that.

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