Pland Parenthood ABORTED As Kentucky Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban

Pland Parenthood ABORTED As Kentucky Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban
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Planned Parenthood will not like this news. In a recent supreme court decision in Kentucky, the court voted to protect the life of unborn children. 

Across the country battles are raging. State Supreme courts are now ruling over the trigger laws that took effect after the Roe v Wade ruling. Recently in Kentucky the state supreme court took a firm stand against Planned Parenthood, and their minions.

Townhall writes. The Kentucky Supreme Court upheld the commonwealth’s abortion ban on Thursday, allowing the Human Life Protection Act and Heartbeat Law to remain in place. It’s at least temporary, while the court reviews the case. 

Despite the court’s decision, the Planned Parenthood affiliate only stated that they would continue to “help patients access care and continue our fight to restore abortion access and protect reproductive freedom in Kentucky.”

Numerous states had trigger laws in effect, in the event that Roe V Wade was overturned by the supreme court. 

A similar case was reported by Next news network in Idaho where a trigger law was upheld. On August 25, the Idaho Supreme Court declined to block a law that would ban nearly all abortions. 

In addition, it blocked a second law, which will take effect on August 19, which bans abortion at six weeks of pregnancy or when a heartbeat is detected. The new law makes abortion illegal unless it’s necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life or if the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest.  Performers of abortions will face up to five years in prison, and those who assist the procedure will lose their licenses. 

Following the Roe v Wade decision a number of states had trigger laws that would either outright ban abortion or place a severe restriction on abortion. 

The ruling on Roe V Wade moved the issue back to the states. When the federal ruling happened, it opened up every state to be a battle ground over the abortion issue. Now as the court battles rage on, it’s great to see that many states are standing firm on their beliefs!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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