WATCH: Joe’s 2024 Promise EXPOSED When Dem Asked One Question On This Podcast

WATCH: Joe’s 2024 Promise EXPOSED When Dem Asked One Question On This Podcast
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DESPERATE! Democrats are starting to wake up and smell the decay of their own party, as it heads into one of the worst political disasters this fall. 

Those of us on the right know that Joe Biden has been an abject failure since day one in office where he spent the first weeks reversing Trump’s policies. Doing so has caused massive inflation, a recession, historic prices at the pump, the debacle of the Afgan pullout, a war in Ukraine, massive surges of illegals coming across the border and lawlessness across the nation. Now it seems that the rest of the Democrat party is waking up, and voicing their concerns about Biden running again.

Townhall reports. A growing number of Democrats are trying to avoid being asked whether President Joe Biden should run for re-election. It’s not just Democratic voters that indicate this in numerous polls, but also office holders. Twitchy points out that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is one of the latest to do so, in a podcast with the Boston Globe published on Thursday.

Lets listen.

More than a few Democrats have come out against Biden running again. 

Next News Network previously reported. CNN’s Brianna Keilar first began by playing a video montage of Democrats who have refused to say whether or not Biden should run for reelection, and, if he did, whether or not they would support him.

Bowman danced around the question regarding a Biden 2024 run and, when pressed harder, further refused to say whether or not he thinks Biden should run again.

This is what we get when you have a mentally defunct President, and the country is actually being run by a bunch of liberal arts student interns. You get a country freefalling into a depression. Will Democrats actually stand firm on their denouncements against Biden running again? Hope so.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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