Biden TOP Advisor CALLED OUT on Live TV After GASLIGHTING Americans on Inflation

Biden TOP Advisor CALLED OUT on Live TV After GASLIGHTING Americans on Inflation
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 A heated exchange between Martha MacCallum and the white house’s snake oil salesman Jared Bernstein took place live on air, on whether or not we are in a recession.

The White House continues to change the definition on what an actual recession is.  They send out their top economic advisor Jared Bernstein to discuss with news anchors on why we are not in a recession, yet every economic indicator points to us being in a recession. 

Fox news reports. In an exchange over inflation and student loan debt, Martha MacCallum sparred with White House economist Jared Bernstein on Monday.

In light of 72 economists’ recent predictions that the economy will worsen throughout 2023, MacCallum questioned whether the nation is in a recession. Due to the strong payroll employment growth and historically low unemployment rate, Bernstein said we are “probably not” in a recession.

Let’s watch the heated exchange

All the economic indicators are there for a recession, even industry leaders are stating we are in a recession.

Next news network previously reported. Ken Langone, who helped create the popular home supply store Home Depot, told Niel Cavuto, “The economy is receding. It’s going down…”


The trust the American people had in Joe Biden’s ministration is quickly fading to 0, and his polling numbers definitely show that. Part of finding a solution to a problem is admitting that there is in fact a problem, and then working towards fixing it. Joe Biden would not have the fuel price crisis that he has right now if you did not close all of the land leases for petroleum in the United States the day 1 in office. If he didn’t waste trillions of dollars for unnecessary programs inflation would not be where it is today. The American people see through Biden’s lies and we’re happy to expose them.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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