HISTORIC number of Americans Declare They’re SUFFERING thanks to Joe Biden

HISTORIC number of Americans Declare They’re SUFFERING thanks to Joe Biden
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Everyday under Joe Biden is another day that the country falls into further decline. Our economy is crumbling, our culture is degrading, and our leadership doesn’t seem to care. A new poll just came out that shows exactly how much Americans are suffering.

It may be no surprise to you but Americans are not thriving, in fact it’s the exact opposite.

According to Newsmax. Gallup’s latest poll found that a record number of Americans say they are suffering.

According to Gallup’s Life Evaluation Index, 5.6% of Americans in July evaluated their lives poorly enough to qualify as suffering – the highest number since 2008. In April, suffering Americans reached a high of 4.8%.

Gallup said Monday, “Since reaching a record high in June 2021, life ratings among American adults have steadily worsened…The 5.6% suffering rate in July marks the first time the Gallup measure has exceeded 5% in the U.S. and translates to an estimated 14 million American adults…Economic conditions are likely a major contributing factor to these worsening scores.”

There was also pessimism in a new NBC News poll, which found 74% of voters believe the nation is on the wrong track and 21% believe the nation is on the right course.

Joe Biden’s signature on the inflation reduction act will do little to ease economic pain for working class Americans. The new law will instead likely lead them into further financial hardship, according to many economists who say that despite its name this bill it only props up the left’s green energy agenda.

Economists consider the $430 billion price tag over the next decade to be hefty for marginal economic returns, reports Yahoo

According to Oxford Economics economists, “Our preliminary analysis of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ (IRA), a climate, tax, and health-focused bill, shows it will boost the level of GDP by about 0.2%-0.3% by the end of 2031 and, despite its name, will have no measurable impact on inflation,”

The IRA is a slimmed-down version of Biden’s original $4.5 trillion Build Back Better plan that supposedly aims to reduce inflation, which hit record levels in 2022. Tucker Carlson pointed out the absurdity of the Bill last week,

Courtesy of Fox News via Twitter.com

While Americans continue to suffer, the Democrats give us a deceivingly named bill and think we won’t notice. Joe Biden is failing the American people and they’ve had enough. Donald Trump and the 2024 election can’t come soon enough!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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