HORROR: America’s Founding Father RIPPED From The Face Of This School

HORROR: America's Founding Father RIPPED From The Face Of This School
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 The progressive march to communism is continuing in New Jersey Now They’re stripping the name of a founding father from their local elementary school.

For the last few years the left has continuously attacked any historic American figure they can morally justify attacking, all in an attempt to change American history to one that suits their agenda. Now Recently in New Jersey a body of elementary “students” has decided to remove Thomas Jefferson’s name from their school.

Fox News reports. The name of an elementary school in New Jersey is changing after a successful year-long campaign to end its association with Thomas Jefferson.

According to NJ Advance Media, Jefferson Elementary School in South Orange, New Jersey, is being renamed as Delia Bolden Elementary School in honor of the first Black woman to graduate high school there. Students chose the name from a list of options. Several of the names suggested were related to the local area, while others did not reference anyone living or dead.

Across the nation names of schools are changing, and the National Education Association is forcing pronoun changes as well. 

Fox News Reported. Nicole Neily, President of Parents Defending Education, who is leading the lawsuit against the Department of Education’s new parents council, also ripped the department, claiming it lacks ideological diversity and that the new National Parents and Families Engagement Council is explicitly biased. She also cited the abundance of “yes men” in the organization as alarming and interfering with their ability to make policy recommendations for the government effectively. The NEA is being sued by Neily and others.

The left’s attack on our founding fathers is relentless, across the nation any mention of historical figures from America’s founding is being removed for leftist heroes. Pretty soon we will see Joseph Stalin Elementary School, and Mao ZeDong Middle School coming out to the cheers of the left as they erase our nation’s founders from history. This must not be allowed to happen. We need to honor our founders despite their flaws because they birthed a great nation that has been a light unto other nations. Let us remember them and teach future generations about what they did to make America the greatest country in the world… not ERASE them from the pages of History.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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