Actor Mark Ruffalo resorts to whining about “She-Hulk” show after Ratings BOMB

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A new marvel mini series came out last week and the reviews are awful. Instead of chalking up the negative press to the TV show being poorly made, or maybe having a bad script, one actor instead called the reviewers racist. Wait until you see why

The She-Hulk TV mini series bombed this week and the leading actor is not happy.

The Daily Wire reports, Actor Mark Ruffalo, best known for his incessant leftist rants as well as his performances as Marvel’s Hulk, resorted to more whining, quoting a writer complaining that the reason the show “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” got bad reviews was that it was “led by women.”

Ruffalo quoted an article in ScreenRant that claimed the abundance of bad reviews posted on IMDB arose because of the reviewers’ misogyny or racism.

The article stated and Ruffalo quoted, “The rise in bad-faith IMDb reviews, particularly for projects led by women and/or BIPOC, threatens to render the site’s scores meaningless if the problem is not addressed,”

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” stars Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner, who becomes Hulk. The film is full of feminist and leftist propaganda. Take this scene for example that might just be the most cringey thing you’ve ever seen.

The article declares, “The current IMDb policy leaves the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as women and BIPOC working in film and television particularly vulnerable to unnecessary vitriol and harassment,”

Ruffalo’s fealty to political correctness has been demonstrated for years; in December 2019, when he was worth an estimated $30 million by some reports, he decided to trumpet his antipathy for the capitalist system, pontificating on Twitter, “It’s time for an economic revolution. Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”

In September 2019, Ruffalo asserted his support for Senator Bernie Sanders and socialism, tweeting, “Democratic Socialism per @BernieSanders is basically the political system that works for all of us not just one percent. Healthcare for workers, education for workers, sick leave for workers, and a fair tax system.”

By the end of November 2019, Ruffalo was at it again, saying of Sanders that he would “beat Trump’s a.” He said, “I know that he has the grit and I know he has this huge infrastructure and the young people dig him. And of course a good part of ‘the Squad’ signed off on him. I’m very excited about what he’s doing. He’s already pushed the Democrats to the progressive values he already has and he keeps leading in the field even today. And he’ll beat Trump’s a.”

In June 2017, Ruffalo targeted the “white conservatives” he claimed NBC and MSNBC had hired. Ruffalo linked to a petition demanding NBC executives “stop the white conservative hiring spree.”

What a whiny little loser this guy is. Hey Mark, newsflash, maybe people are leaving bad reviews NOT because they’re racist or sexist… maybe it’s because your show just sucks. Have you seen it?

Next News Network Team

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