Major Auto Manufacturer Drops Bomb on Gavin Newsom, Announces BIG Move

Major Auto Manufacturer Drops Bomb on Gavin Newsom, Announces BIG Move
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According to many experts, Electric Vehicles are the future and car manufacturers are scrambling to get their piece of the pie. One of the largest in the world has plans for a new EV plant and their selection of where to build it is awesome!

Honda is building a new plant and they have their sights set on Ohio

According to The Daily Caller, A $4.4 billion electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing facility from Honda and LG is planned for Ohio, the latest such facility in a Republican state.

In an effort to ensure their EVs qualify for tax credits under new restrictions under the Inflation Reduction Act that require EVs to be assembled in the United States, Honda joins competitors, including Hyundai and Ford, who are building new EV and battery facilities primarily in Republican-run states and congressional districts. In an article in The Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter said the Honda-LG factory would be located in Ohio, where Honda already has an auto plant in Marysville. Worlab has more.

According to Ballotpedia, the factory will be located in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, which has been solidly Republican for nearly 30 years, except for one-term Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy from 2009 to 2011. In Ohio, Republicans control the governorship and both houses of state government, and other EV manufacturers have built factories near existing factories, according to CNBC.

Automakers have been making large moves to majority Republican states in recent years.

CNBC wrote. Companies are investing in the South for a variety of reasons, including lower energy costs, a large workforce, and livability. A large number of Republican-controlled, right-to-work states also offer other benefits, such as lower pay for workers, millions in tax breaks, and largely non-unionized workforces.

It seems that the business friendly states will be getting more and more work as companies continue their migration to states that have tax benefits, and labor friendly atmospheres.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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