FBI Breaks Silence After Zuck Revealed Damning Information on the Joe Rogan Podcast

FBI Breaks Silence After Zuck Revealed Damning Information on the Joe Rogan Podcast
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The Hunter Biden laptop story was massive, but if you remember was classified by the media as misinformation and Russian Propaganda. That of course turned out to be false, but we now know some information that may give us more insight as to why the story was suppressed. You’re going to be shocked to find out why.

It turns out the FBI and Facebook were communicating about the Hunter Biden Laptop story before it was released.

As Reported by Fox News, Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week and admitted that Facebook had limited the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election because the FBI had warned about “Russian propaganda.” Take a look at the exchange.

In response to Thursday’s episode, the FBI said it “routinely provides potential threat information to U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers, to enable them to better defend against threats.”

In a statement to FOX Business, the agency said it provided companies with “foreign threat indicators to help them defend their platforms and customers from foreign malign influence actors.”

The agency also said, “The FBI will continue to work closely with federal, state, local, and private sector partners to keep the public informed of potential threats, but the FBI cannot ask, or direct, companies to take action on information received,”

Meta said later Friday night that nothing about the Hunter Biden laptop story was new.

“The FBI shared general warnings about foreign interference — nothing specific about Hunter Biden,” the company said.

A story in the New York Post revealed the shady foreign business dealings of Joe Biden’s son in the final weeks of the 2020 presidential election and was suppressed by Big Tech and the liberal media as “disinformation” and Russian Propaganda.

Zuckerberg and then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologized for limiting the distribution of the Post’s reporting, and several news organizations have since verified the laptop’s authenticity, including the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC News, and Politico.

This is a bombshell as it could have affected the election results. Of course now, we will never know

Next News Network previously reported, This revelation even had some conservatives calling for the complete shutdown of the FBI.

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote on Twitter, “We now know Facebook censored the spread of the Hunter Biden laptop story after the FBI approached them. FBI & Facebook/Big Tech interfered in 2020 election Facebook acted as an arm of govt Both Facebook & FBI should b ashamed of interfering in our electoral process”

Jack Posobiec wrote, “Zuckerberg didn’t just say the FBI made a request. He said the FBI came to Facebook to tell them what to censor.”

He added, “Are we just going to overlook the fact Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI told Facebook they needed to censor posts during the election”

Rep. Thomas Massie said, “FBI coercing Facebook to censor political information is a violation of the first amendment.”

This information is massive and deserves further investigation. Do you take the FBI at their word that they didn’t give FaceBook any explicit instructions, or are you more skeptical?

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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