Rashida Tlaib Turns SNITCH, Rats Out Crooks on the Run, And “Defunders” Will Be FURIOUS 

Rashida Tlaib Turns SNITCH, Rats Out Crooks on the Run, And “Defunders” Will Be FURIOUS
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Rashida Tlaib was caught snitching on a criminal to the police she hates so much.

When you make your political career about hating police officers, and calling them racist and murders its kind of hard for the country to not notice when you go against your every talking point.

Washington free beacon reports. As Rashida Talib’s allies in the movement to abolish the police and empty federal prisons learn, Tlaib recently snitched to the Detroit Police Department after checking her home security system and noticing a person fleeing the cops hiding in her trash can, they will be outraged.

Following a high-speed chase reported by witnesses, the male suspect ended up in Tlaib’s yard. Several houses down, a woman was found hiding in a trashcan. Following a traffic stop, the pair fled in an SUV. Perhaps they shared Tlaib’s view that police officers are irredeemably violent and did not wish to become victims of “government-funded murder.”

There are some who would argue that Tlaib exposed the innocent-until-proven-guilty citizen to a violent death at the hands of the police by ratting out the suspect to police.

Tlaib is infamous for her stances on abolishing the police, and that all cops are racist.

Yahoo news reports. Democratic congresswoman from Michigan said the Minneapolis officer’s shooting “wasn’t an accident” and that US policing is “inherently and intentionally racist”.

In a tweet, she said, “Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence. I’m done with those who condone government-funded murder.”

“No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.”

You know what they say about snitches….they get. Anyways, it kind of highlights the leftists views when it comes to law enforcement. Remember the Texas mass shooting? Thousands of people chanting to harm police, or anti police slogans then when a gunman opened fire, the police shielded the protesters with their bodies. The police are there to protect Americans, sometimes things happen and police are human and can make human decisions and mistakes. But that does not make the institution bad, Tlaib needs to rethink her stances and quit being a little socialist, anti-sematic, anarchist brat.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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