Sleazey Bill Clinton Spotted Cozying Up to a SEX Therapist – Where’s Hillary?!

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After Bill Clinton was spotted at the US Open over the weekend, some would say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially when the TV cameras caught what he was doing with the person he was sitting next to! 

It’s not uncommon to see Bill Clinton getting close with another woman other than Hillary.

Meaw reports, Over the weekend, disgraced former President Bill Clinton was seen getting “red in the face” as he chatted with sex therapist Dr Ruth at the US Open tennis match between Serena Williams and Danka Kovinik. 

Dr Ruth, who is 94 years old, at one point lightly tapped the former president on the cheek as the pair was spotted deeply engaged in conversation. Bill Clinton was seen leaning in eagerly as the famous German-American sex therapist seemed to give the former president some advice. Soon after, Clinton’s face appeared to be turning red. 

ESPN commentators spotted the duo and couldn’t help themselves by cracking a joke.

Additionally, many comedic responses came about on social media after the news and images circulated. 

“Not sure Bill needs advice from Dr Ruth, except maybe how to control himself…,” one user wrote. 

“Bill Clinton, Dr Ruth and Jeffery Epstein talkin smack about Hillary!” another wrote. 

“This had to be the horniest conversation of all time. Only Dr Ruth could say something that made Bill Clinton blush,” another user wrote.

And this person tweeted, “I don’t think Dr. Ruth needs to give advice to Bill on sex..he’s got plenty of experience!” 

Does Bill Clinton need advice because he and Hillary are going through another rough patch? We may never know. However, what we DO know is this was not a good look for the former President. 

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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