Lightfoot FURIOUS After Busloads of Illegals Show up in her Sanctuary City

Lightfoot FURIOUS After Busloads of Illegals Show up in her Sanctuary City
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Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is not happy when Texas Governor Gregg Abbott sends bus loads of illegal immigrants to Chicago, giving Lightfoot and JB Pritzker a taste of their own medicine.

Illinois is a state that houses an estimated 1 million plus illegal immigrants already, but now the mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot is condemning illegals being shipped to her city as a political stunt.

Fox news reported. On Thursday afternoon, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott a “man without any morals” for sending two buses of migrants to Union Station on Wednesday night.

Lightfoot made the comments during a press conference with city leaders and local partners.

The failure of a mayor, Lightfoot took questions following her statement on the buses of illegals being dropped off to her sanctuary city.

Governor Abbott has been shipping illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities across the country, and has received similar feedback for his brilliant move.

Next news network previously reported. Oh how the tables have turned for Washington DC and New York City as they say that their homeless shelters, and local resources are drained. The mayors of the cities are now calling for national guard support as the bus loads of illegal immigrants continue to arrive.

The hypocrisy of the left is staggering. They love illegal immigration and demand open borders. Yet when it comes to their city they are demanding a federal response, and say that a couple thousand migrants are too many for their city to handle. Texas and border states have handled almost 2 million illegal immigrants crossing their state lines so far just this year. Lightfoot is the biggest hypocrite of them all; her city is a war zone and every initiative she has put forth has failed. Lightfoot has no moral ground to attack anyone else over their supposed failures or racist policies; when lightfoot herself did not allow any white reporters into Chicago press conferences.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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