Dems FINALLY Reveal the DARK SECRET Behind their ‘Inflation Reduction Act

Dems FINALLY Reveal the DARK SECRET Behind their ‘Inflation Reduction Act
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Weeks after President Biden signed the so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ into law, Democrat lawmakers now feel comfortable exposing what the bill actually does to Americans. 

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The Democrats’ motive behind their Inflation Reduction Act has finally been exposed.

According to the Daily Caller, According to Democratic Representative Elaine Luria of Virginia, the Inflation Reduction Act passed in August was more of an environmental bill than one concerned with inflation.

At a recent event, the congresswoman said, “The Inflation Reduction Act — that might be the name, but it’s a huge environmental bill that includes a lot of things, such as the tax credits necessary to make these kind of developments.”

The congresswoman isn’t the only Democrat who admits the bill is misleading. 

While the bill was being debated in the Senate, Senator Bernie Sanders also admitted that the bill does “minimal impact” to reducing inflation.

The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law by President Joe Biden on Aug. 16. Among its many green energy provisions are a $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles and expanded EPA control over the energy industry as a result of a Supreme Court ruling. Furthermore, the legislation increased the Internal Revenue Service’s budget by $80 billion, allowing it to hire another 87,000 agents.

From the beginning, we knew this spending package would do little to actually help Americans who are struggling as a result of bad policies coming out of the Biden White House. Now, it’s just insulting that Democrats are parading the package around and admitting that it does nothing to help us. 

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