Former Military Brass Break Silence After Biden Used Marines As Props During Darth Brandon Speech

Former Military Brass Break Silence After Biden Used Marines As Props During Darth Brandon Speech
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Chiefs of staff and Former Defense Secretaries are ringing the alarm bell saying that the military is being abused, following Biden’s Divisive speech.

Following Joe Biden’s “Darth Brandon” speech last week where he stated that 74 Million Americans were domestic threats, a letter as come out as a warning to any who would listen of the rising tensions here in America.

Daily wire writes. Over a dozen former Defense secretaries and Joint Chiefs chairman signed a letter warning of a “challenging civil-military environment” days after President Joe Biden delivered a polarizing political speech with two marines in the backdrop.

The open letter was published Tuesday on the national security website War On The Rocks. Eight former secretaries of Defense and five former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed onto the letter.

The letter then outlines 16 “core principles and best practices” to be observed by military and civilian leaders to protect the integrity of the military from politicization and controversy. 

Biden knows he screwed up badly with his speech in which he threatened 74 million Americans with the military.

Next news network writes. After calling MAGA Republicans a threat to our country, Joe Biden is now switching course after realizing that his words have consequences. Biden suggested conservative media was somehow responsible for all of his divisive rhetoric on Friday morning.

His answer came after Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked him if he “considers all Trump supporters to be a threat to the country?”

The military is to ensure the protection of Americans from threats domestically and abroad. The military is not a big stick a dictator president can wave when he calls half the country domestic threats. He has a lot of backtracking to do, and needs to work to regain the respect of the men and women in uniform.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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