Cameras Catch Trump’s Secret Meeting and Everyone Is Going Absolutely Crazy About ONE THING Missing

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Given the witch hunt that has been chasing Donald Trump since his decision to run for the presidency in 2016 there are few places left he can hold court with his trusted confidants. That’s exactly what the world is speculating since The Donald’s appearance on his Virginia golf course yesterday. Was it a simple meeting related to the golf course or was it something more?

One can easily jump to the conclusion that it was in-fact something more now that It’s come to light that Biden’s DOJ made some historically unprecedented moves against Trump’s inner circle in the past 48 hours. Of course we can’t ignore the raid of his home last month and the recent arrest of Steve Bannon.

Here’s where things get interesting. Bannon disclosed, following his arrest that 40-50 Top level Trump aides, supporters, and advisors were all attacked by Biden’s DOJ. A fact confirmed last night by Tucker Carlson.

As you could imagine the folks at MSNBC were all too eager to report on Trump’s inner circle getting served.

Which brings us to the meeting yesterday. It was unscheduled. It was in DC.

Instead The Donald appeared at his own golf club.

Surrounded by a group of men. What immediately drew speculation, by this twitter user, that this was more than a simple golf outing, was the absence of Golf Clubs among the party accompanying Trump.

The left immediately assumed Trump was in the planning stages of a retaliatory strike against Biden and the Golf course was the perfect place to plot such a move.

“No warning. Outdoors. Secure property. Sudden gathering far from trees. No chance to set up mikes, or cameras for lip reading. Golf shirts so you can’t hide a wire. This is a mob meeting and they’re planning something. Change my mind.”

Aside from The Donald and Eric Trump, only one other person who was positively ID’d was Brad Enie, director of grounds for the club.

This would perhaps give some indication that this wasn’t a meeting to launch a strike at Joe Biden and his administration, as this twitter user observed.

“As much as I’d love it to be something more nefarious, pretty sure they are just discussing future golf course renovations on a Monday when course is closed.”

One thing we do know is President Trump is a master strategist. His ability to run circles around the DC swamp creatures is unmatched when it comes to 4-D chess. Perhaps having his Director of Grounds was a smoke screen for the very reason of throwing off the scent for the hounds.

At this point wherever Trump shows up, golf clubs or not, it’s abundantly clear the left will assume he is guilty of something. In any case, at a minimum, this was a private meeting at a secure location, on the surface to plan renovations to his club, or to lay the groundwork for his 2024 run. But honestly I hope he was planning something big to fight back against the Deep State who just declared war on his inner circle and the American people at large.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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