Outdated: Elected Democrats are too Old to Accurately Represent Average Americans

Outdated: Elected Democrats are too Old to Accurately Represent Average Americans
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Looks like Diane Feinstein will finally get to retire now, as she has been an elected official since the pyramids were built. There is a new movement in the Democrat party, they want to put age limits on elected officials, 

I know many people have often wondered how it is that so many elected officials are past their mental prime, yet still win seats in high offices. Clearly we have a guy who is running the White House that is suffering from dementia. 

Daily wire writes. As voters prepare to cast their ballots for the November midterms, former Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said her party is suffering from aging lawmakers.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” featured McCaskill’s remarks on Sunday.

Lets watch.

BRIDGE. Many Americans believe there should be an age limit on elected offices. 

CNN writes. According to a recent CBS News poll, nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) believe elected officials should have an age limit. There is consistent support across party lines for such an age limit. Three quarters of Republicans and independents are on board, as are seven in ten Democrats (71%). The level of support is also remarkably consistent across age groups. Interestingly, the youngest group in the survey — those ages 18-29 — are least in favor of maximum age limits (68%), while three quarters of all other age cohorts back them.

It’s about time we put an end to this. Our elected officials should be people who are mentally capable of making sound decisions for our country, and right now that’s not the case. We need to elect officials who are young and energetic, and have the best interests of our nation at heart. Join me in calling for an age limit on elected officials – let’s make sure our future is in good hands!

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Next News Network Team

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