WATCH: WaPo Journalist Gets EXPOSED by Libs of TikTok for Doxxing Enemies

WATCH: WaPo Journalist Gets EXPOSED by Libs of TikTok for Doxxing Enemies
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Legacy media will do anything they can to protect the left wing agenda and smear anyone who dares to challenge it. This time they are coming after a popular journalist who just exposed disgusting behavior from a children’s hospital.

This story is wild.

According to The Post Millennial. A forthcoming hit piece by the Washington Post and Taylor Lorenz is attacking Libs of TikTok and Chaya Raichik. It claims Raichik exposes “gender affirming” surgeries for minors at children’s hospitals “fosters violence” and that doctors have been threatened with death.

Raichik did not take this hit piece lying down and exposed Lorenz in her own words, as she always does.

Making a joke in reference to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s assertion that anyone who insults her wants to date her, Raichik wrote “Why is she obsessed with me? Taylor Lorenz, I don’t want to date you.”

Raichik shared a dm from Lorenz that leveled the accusations and demanded a response from Raichik as to those accusations. “Hi Chaya,” Lorenz began, “a colleague of mine is publishing a big story on influencers who spread narratives about election fraud in 2020, exploring what happened to their megaphones after Trump was de-platformed.

“You are not one of those influencers,” Lorenz went on, “but your account has received extensive promotion from them. We mention in the story that your account has helped to foster violence and that your posts led to death threats against medical providers at Boston Children’s Hospital, and a bomb threat caused the hospital to be evacuated.”

It appears to be speculation on Lorenz’s part, since Boston Police have stated that a bomb threat at Boston Children’s Hospital was a hoax. Police do not know the identity of the caller or callers, nor do they know the motive. For information leading to the arrest of the bomb threat caller, Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon offered a $20,000 reward. Jack Posobeic spoke with Raichik about the threat.

Minors at Boston Children’s Hospital undergo so-called gender affirming surgeries. In order to make 15-year-old girls look more masculine, they surgically remove their healthy breasts. Also, the hospital administers cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to minors. The information is freely available on the website of the organization. Furthermore, they stated that vaginoplasty surgeries will be performed on boys who are 17 or older. After that information was exposed by Libs of TikTok the hospital removed it.

IMG 3>>>Chris Elston, who goes by Billboard Chris on Twitter, shared information from Boston Children’s Hospital saying there were no evacuations and no threats.

Lorenz continued in Raichik’s dms, “We also say you intend to continue to target hospitals,” “Do you have any comment? The piece is running [Tuesday] morning, so please send through a response to the above questions by 5pm PST. Thanks!”

“I’m sorry,” Raichik wrote in response, “but I can’t date you. I’m straight.”

Lorenz didn’t get the joke. “I think you accidentally replied to the wrong DM. This is Taylor Lorenz from the Washington Post and we’re asking you to reply to the question above.” She reiterated her false allegations and demanded Raichik respond to them.

Raichik has been targeted by Lorenz for months. Initially, she doxxed Raichik, who posted anonymously under Libs of TikTok, and then proceeded to make false claims against Raichik, who shared posts of people sharing their beliefs.

This story is wild on many levels. First that Raichik exposed a hospital for performing these life altering surgeries on minors, second that she was suspended for exposing it and now that a hit piece is being written about her for doing journalism. Whenever a story like this comes out you have to ask yourself, who are these publications protecting? In this case it seems they are protecting predatory surgeons preying on minors. Disgusting.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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