WATCH! TX Sheriff SLAMS Biden After Identifying “weapon of mass destruction” Coming Across the Border

WATCH! TX Sheriff SLAMS Biden After Identifying “weapon of mass destruction” Coming Across the Border
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The Southern Border is wide open and it’s not just illegal immigrants pouring over. Illegal Drugs are coming into our country at an alarming rate and Law Enforcement across the countries is calling for the drugs to be re-classified as a weapon. This report is alarming.

The drugs coming over our southern border should be alarming to all Americans

Just The News Reports. Rand Henderson, Montgomery County Sheriff, says the illicit drug fentanyl flowing into Texas through the southern border should be classified as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

He told Fox News, “fentanyl is a poison that’s being introduced to our country. The illicit manufacturing of this stuff has just gotten crazy with the potency of it. The deception by the drug dealers to mix it into the pressed pills trying to sell it as a legal drug that’s a prescription medication.

”It only takes 2 milligrams of this stuff to kill you and we’re finding twice, sometimes three times the amount of fentanyl in a pill that’s not supposed to contain any fentanyl,” he added.

According to Texas law enforcement officials, DEA officials, and other agencies, Mexican transnational criminal organizations continue to provide most of the fentanyl smuggled into the U.S.

Often, fentanyl precursors are shipped from China to Mexican ports first. Mexican cartel workers make fake opioid pills or lace other narcotics with them and then transport them into the U.S. primarily through the southern border.

The most popular pills now flooding the market are rainbow colored and shaped like candy. It is common for them to be stamped with an “M” and used to appeal to children, law enforcement officials warn.

As Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced new initiatives to combat the opioid crisis in Montgomery County recently, Henderson called for the drug to be classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Additionally, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody asked the Biden administration to declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction.

As defined by the Department of Homeland Security, a WMD is “any device that is designed to harm a large number of people, whether nuclear, radiological, chemical, or biological.”.

Since February 2021, CBP agents have seized more than 16,800 pounds of fentanyl at the southern border, enough to kill the entire U.S. population more than 11 times.

In July, she wrote to President Biden, asking him to take immediate action to stop the fentanyl crisis. No response has yet been received.

According to her, the Biden administration has “done little to abate this American tragedy” and many of its policies “have contributed to fentanyl causing death in our southern border states.”

Among the recommendations President Biden sent to Congress are to reduce supplies of fentanyl, and to impose sanctions on foreign nationals involved in U.S. drug trafficking.

Additionally, his administration proposed spending $10,7 billion to expand access to substance use prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery support services, and made illicitly manufactured fentanyl-related substances a Schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act.

While President Biden might claim he’s taking action to fight this epidemic he clearly isn’t doing enough. You know the problem is bad when Law enforcement across the country is trying to designate the drug flow as a weapon of mass destruction. They’re right to call for this and Biden needs to step up now and protect American lives!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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