Newsom’s New Website Will Make it SUPER EASY If You Want To Kill Your Baby In California

Newsom’s New Website Will Make it SUPER EASY If You Want To Kill Your Baby In California
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In a sickening message Gavin Newsom promotes his new state funded website for out of state abortion access, and tells people he hopes they come. 

Gavin Newsom is attempting to be the most liberal Governor in the United States, he battles with contenders such as JB Pritzker, and Kathy Hochul but it looks like Newsom might be taking the lead a little bit in their foot race – JB can barely walk 30 feet so this is metaphorical. But all three Governors have one thing in common they all want abortion up to the minute of birth in their states, Newsom even released a video recently bragging about it.

Daily wire writes. The state of California has created a new abortion website to provide information about abortion clinics for residents and out-of-state women.

On Tuesday, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a website to combat pro-life legislation in Republican-led states.

The site allows users to type in the name of their city and find abortion providers nearby. A map of California then appears with abortion clinic locations scattered across the state. According to Daily Wire, Newsom also said the site will not keep personal data about users.

Gavin Newsom’s announcement comes after a Federal Bill was introduced to ban abortions nationally.

Axios writes. Lindsey Graham introduced a bill this week that would ban abortion after 15 weeks nationwide. Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion is expected to be an important issue for voters in the midterm elections. 

As family values and morality continue to disappear from everyday people across the United States, we know one thing for certain – That Gavin Newsom is having a huge hand in the decline of America. A number of years ago having a family was one of the most important things to Americans, now we have politicians who are advocating for the opposite.

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Next News Network Team

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