Are You Kidding Me? Jill Biden Says ALL BOOKS Should Be In Schools After Libraries Expose Kids

Are You Kidding Me? Jill Biden Says ALL BOOKS Should Be In Schools After Libraries Expose Kids
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The left is trying to indoctrinate your kids and they’re not even hiding it anymore. After an explicit book was banned the first lady defended showing any and all books to children.

This story is going to make you rethink sending your kids to public school.

According to The Daily Wire. First Lady Jill Biden told NBC News Tuesday that “all books” should be in schools after libraries exposed students to explicit content.

As parents debate what content to expose their children to, the first lady said it is un-American to ban books in school libraries.

The first lady responded to a question about the extent to which parents should be involved in their children’s education, saying parents should work with teachers to decide what content to include.

She made the remarks in response to backlash schools districts have received after exposing students to sexually explicit books, such as Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia. Two books featuring child pornography and pedophilia were found in the library of the Fairfax County Public Schools after a complaint was made by a mother.

Fairfax High School and Robinson Secondary School libraries. and sexual acts between men and boys who were underage. Fairfax County Public Schools reinstated the books in November in an effort to provide students with diverse reading materials. These are the books Jill Biden wants your kids exposed to.

In January, Loudoun County Public Schools’ superintendent and a school board committee removed “Gender Queer” from the library.

In 2021, a Massachusetts public school also recommended summer reading books about “white privilege” and “whiteness” for students in kindergarten through third grade.

Jill Biden says it’s “un-American” to ban books. What’s really un-american is the state superseding the will of parents in public schools and exposing them to left wing indoctrination. Children have no business being exposed to this type of degenerate sexualy material and parents are right to push back against the education system.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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