Crazy Joe Biden Supporter Can’t Stop Talking About His Smell!

Crazy Joe Biden Supporter Can't Stop Talking About His Smell!
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The latest Twitter post we simply cannot unread is a Tuesday tweet from a Joe Biden fan who got the chance to meet the president in person and snapped a quick photo.

Following that, we were treated to a disconcerting description of how the president smells. Wait until you see this post.

This Social Media post is bizarre.

According to Newsweek, Joanne Carducci posted the image of herself with Biden accompanied by the caption “Oh hi, Mr. President.”

It appears that Carducci was invited to Biden’s White House celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act, which made headlines yesterday, when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged 1,200 points after the consumer price index soared past expectations.

Based on some of her other posts on social media, Carducci describes herself as a Democrat and an anti-MAGA campaigner.

In response to Carducci’s viral photo, comedian Jay Black asked about the president’s smell. “I’m guessing Biden smells like cedar, vanilla, and Aqua Velva. Can you confirm, Jo?”

Carducci responded, “He smelled like the warmest cup of Cocoa on the perfect snowstorm night when the cable is out and the lights flicker and your kids want you to play with them after not wanting that forever, and the house is abuzz with excitement & connectedness and love and nostalgia… like that.”

Her description of Biden’s scent drew a major response from commenters.

Carducci’s fawning, fangirl-like post was criticized, especially in light of her recent suggestion that Trump supporters belong to a cult.

One person sarcastically tweeted “Im Not in a Cult”

Another replied, “And they say MAGA is a cult. Y’all are weird.”

Others enthusiastically supported Carducci and her creative writing.

One Person said “I don’t know why but your description made me cry!!

Carducci took notice of the pushback in a Wednesday tweet, saying, “I guess my description of how Joe Biden smells triggered the Qrackhead snowflakes.” She also provided a window into her fawning praise of the dear leader: “(Confession: I had been drinking).”

No Surprise there!

As much as Democrats and the establishment media have attacked Trump supporters and MAGA Republicans, the dangerous cult of personality and fanaticism surrounding Biden and other Democrats such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cannot be ignored and shouldn’t be underestimated. These people are clearly fanatics and saying the same about Trump supporters is merely a projection.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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