ALL OVER! After Biden Declares Pandemic Over He Slips and REVEALS His Career is over too

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Sleepy Joe has finally acknowledged reality!

According to The Hill, During an interview on 60 minutes Sunday, Biden declared the Coronavirus pandemic “over,” noting the return of large events and a lack of masking and other public health measures.

Apparently the geniuses at the CDC were caught off guard by Biden’s science as his declaration was not part of his planned remarks, two administration officials familiar with the matter told POLITICO.

During the same interview Biden also was asked the question everyone has been asking and top democrats have been dodging. “Are you running in 2024”

His response was cryptic by not very reassuring for those blind followers dreaming of Biden 2024.

Telling 60 Minutes “it remains to be seen”

The interview overall was a disaster. It’s no wonder why they hid him in the basement and never let him go to play with the press.

Biden gave the most ridiculous response when asked about record inflation. First misquoting the reporter sitting right in front of him then trying to explain how a 40 year high record was good.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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