ARREST THEM! MSNBC Anchors MELTDOWN, Demand Garland Go After DeSantis and Abbott

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After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent busloads of illegal immigrants to places like Martha’s Vineyard and the Naval Observatory last week, political commentator Elie Mystal demanded that the Governors get criminally charged with kidnapping migrants.

Mystal made his comments on MSNBC with the anchor, Mehdi Hasan, seeming to agree with him.

On another MSNBC program, Mystal made a similar argument, this time saying that the migrant relocation is like luring ‘teenagers’ into a van with ‘candy’ and ‘kidnapping’ them. In addition, as noted by FOX News, Mystal suggested that people would have been more outraged if the migrants were white.

You can watch those remarks, here.

It is very telling how the Democrats are handling this situation. Instead of trying to fix the immigration issue, they are going after the Governors who have been dealing with the problem first-hand without any help from the federal government.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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