Steve Forbes Destroys The Biden Admin Over Recession

Steve Forbes Destroys The Biden Admin Over Recession
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 Steve Forbes comes out swinging in his interview with Neil Cavuto leaving the Biden administration nowhere to hide from the truth.

The Biden administration has been lying to the American people when it comes to the nation slipping into a recession. Corporate CEOs and other business insiders have come out to correct Biden’s narrative.

Daily caller writes. A former Republican presidential candidate and editor-in-chief of Forbes magazine, Steve Forbes, blasted the Federal Reserve’s efforts to address inflation on Fox Business Network on Monday.

Since March, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates multiple times, with the latest increase occurring in July. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in an Aug. 26 speech that “some pain” for households was an acceptable price for controlling inflation in the first and second quarters of this year.

Corporate CEOs have been ringing the alarm bells when it comes to America sliding into a recession.

One of the co-founders of Home Depot blasted President Joe Biden for gaslighting the American people over the new Recession that officially began last week.

Ken Langone, who helped created the popular home supply store, went on FOX News’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” last month to discuss the Biden administration’s recent attempt to redefine the word “recession” in their favor.

The truth is out there when it comes to what we are facing as a nation. We need to accurately identify problems and address them head on, this hiding the truth until someone else is in office needs to end. The American people deserve the truth.

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