RENT FREE: Newsom Makes Admission About That Tucker Carlson That Will Have Him In Stitches

RENT FREE: Newsom Makes Admission About That Tucker Carlson That Will Have Him In Stitches
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 In an interview Governor Newsom admits that he worries more about Tucker Carlson than he worries about Trump.

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Newsom is one of the most liberal governors in the United States and his policies that he is implementing is causing his citizens to suffer. Now Newsom wants to take the show on the road as he eyes a Presidential run in 2024.

Washington Examiner writes. California Governor Gavin Newsom tore into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Saturday, calling him a “bully,” and said he is more worried about Fox News host Tucker Carlson than former President Donald Trump.

The comments in deep-red Texas mark an escalating feud between the two governors, both of whom are seen as 2024 presidential contenders if they choose to run, and take aim at the most-watched cable news host in the United States.

Let’s watch.

Newsom is considering a much larger office to run for in 2024, yet he should sit it out as his policies have failed his home state.

Next News Network previously reported. Gavin Newsom is running for President in 2024 yet he will lose because of the crime, homelessness, and the education problems in California.  Despite not adhering to the COVID lockdown policies himself, Newsom survived a recall campaign after his COVID lockdown policies made him increasingly unpopular in the state. It was perhaps most evident during the French Laundry incident, when he told Californians to stay home while dining at an elite restaurant.

A YouGovAmerica poll reports that Newsom has a popularity rating of 31%, while 29% say they dislike him.

Newsom is the definition of a failed governor. His state allows criminals out of jail minutes after committing violent crimes, the school system is in shambles, and he doesn’t care about everyday citizens’ problems. It would be best if he kept his woke agenda in California instead of taking it across the nation. Newsom is correct to fear Tucker Carlson as he continues to call out Newsom for his failures.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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