SHOCKING VIDEO: Texas Farmer Catches illegals on his property, what happens next is unbelievable

SHOCKING VIDEO:Texas Farmer Catches illegals on his property, what happens next is unbelievable
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 A swarm of illegal immigrants came onto a Texas ranch last week, and while trying to avoid border patrol they ended up breaking into a grandfather’s house.

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The Biden Harris administration is constantly lying about the southern border being secure. It is anything but secure. Every day videos of thousands of Illegals crossing into America along with the reports of record breaking drug seizures proves that the Administration is lying to the American people.

Daily wire writes. A video from a Hispanic Texas farmer shows illegal immigrants fleeing Border Patrol, first trying to enter his house, but after failing, entering his elderly grandfather’s home next door.

Located along the U.S.-Mexico border, the farmer’s 150-acre ranch has been in his family for more than 100 years.

Lets see the shocking video.

That scary video came out around the same time a Texas town said its morgues are overflowing with the bodies of illegals who attempted to cross the Rio Grande.

Next News Network previously reported. In Eagle Pass, the number of drownings of migrants has “overwhelmed” local mortuaries and funeral homes, forcing the fire department to seek refrigerators to store bodies.

Eagle Pass Fire Department Chief Manuel Mello “There are so many bodies being recovered that the morticians are asking for assistance,” he continued. “I had never seen so many drownings like we’re seeing right now.”

“We do a body recovery daily,” Mello continued. “It’s very traumatic for my personnel.”

Lets Watch

I bet that the rancher did not have those problems under the Trump administration. We pray that their family remains safe during this flood of illegal immigrants. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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