THEY CAUGHT’EM! Look How Many They Uncovered Hiding Out in this Human Trafficking Stash House

THEY CAUGHT’EM! Look How Many They Uncovered Hiding Out in this Human Trafficking Stash House
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A Federal Investigation freed 50 illegal immigrants from a traffickers house in Texas, where they were being held for transport to other parts of America.

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The southern border is wide open, and daily our border patrol agents have thousands of interactions with individuals, and organizations crossing the American southern border. 

Breitbart reports. Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents teamed up with local and federal law enforcement agencies to disrupt two human smuggling stash house operations. The stash house raids led to the apprehension of 50 migrants being warehoused in filthy conditions.

Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Carl E. Landrum tweeted photos from two human smuggling stash houses interdicted by agents and other law enforcement agencies. The agents found 50 migrants locked inside the two small homes.

This recent capture of 50 migrants comes after Kamala Harris stated that the border is secure. 

Next News Network reported. Kamala Harris earlier this month doubled down on her assertions that the southern border is secure. In previous interviews she stated that the border was secure, and received little pushback from the person doing the interview. This was just not the case this time. 

Let’s Watch.

The southern border is anything besides secure. Every day tons of drugs come across the border along with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. The border patrol is fully resorting to catch and release. The Biden Harris Administration is flying those illegal immigrants to anywhere they want in the dead of night, without notifying communities that they are dumping illegals in their area. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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