Seconds After Hurricane Ian DECIMATES Florida, Dems INSTANTLY Blame DeSantis As REAL AMERICANS ACT

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Reports are coming in fast after Hurricane Ian rocked southwest Florida and the rabid liberal attack dogs in the press are already attempting to frame the narrative that Governor DeSantis failed his people.

Hurricane Ian made landfall yesterday as a Category 4 causing an untold amount of damage to the cities of Cape Coral, Ft. Meyers, Naples and others after it ravaged Sanibel/Captiva Island.

With 150 mph winds, Hurricane Ian ranks fourth among the strongest storms to hit the US according to the National Hurricane Center.

After making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on Wednesday, Ian weakened to a tropical storm on Thursday.

Almost 3 million homes and businesses were without power, and Florida Power and Light warned those in Ian’s path to prepare for days without electricity.

Lee County Sheriff has issued a boil order as well as initiated a curfew until further notice. Sadly the Sheriff confirmed earlier today the fatalities are in the hundreds.

The Sheriff’s Department also posted this video detailing the extent of the devastation.

Before we get to the shameless politicization of this tragedy Here is a look at the aftermath in Ft Myers Beach.

Absolute destruction.

On NBC News, Cape Coral City Manager Rob Hernandez described the situation after Hurricane Ian hit the city, including trapped residents and emergency services struggling to reach them.

Many Lee County residents have lost power and are unable to communicate, so the Lee County Sheriff set up a hotline. If the affected area is accessible, deputies will be dispatched to check on residents and ensure their safety. You can request a wellbeing check by calling the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000.

Across the country, linemen have come to help restore power in Florida. They are now waiting for the all-clear. This is what America is all about.

Governor DeSantis has created a volunteer portal at for those who wish to volunteer during Hurricane Ian recovery.

At the same press conference, In typical fashion, a partisan reporter asked a ridiculous question, asserting the Governor’s response was “lax” during a press conference and received a classic reply from the Florida governor.

On The View, an unhinged Joy Behar viciously attacked DeSantis for his political views, then blamed him for hurricane Ian as it headed for Florida.

On Tuesday before Ian would make landfall, CNN’s Don Lemon attempted to turn a public safety announcement about the deadly storm into a political stunt and was smacked down by the Director of the National Hurricane Center.

As Hurricane Ian ravages Florida, Democrats are shamelessly playing politics with people’s lives. First, they try to blame Governor Ron DeSantis for the hurricane and its potential destruction, even though he has no control over weather patterns. Then, they use the deadly storm as a platform to score political points against him and other Republicans. This is disgraceful behavior from a party that claims to care about the American people. Playing climate politics with lives at risk is reprehensible and shameful. The only thing Democrats seem to be good at these days is being heartless and cold creatures.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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